A covenant is defined as an agreement or oath established between two or more parties. The Lord made covenants with his people. The promises that God made can be found throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. Examples of popular covenants include the Adamic Covenant, Noahic Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, Mosaic Covenant (Old Covenant), Davidic Covenant, and New Covenant. Instances of biblical covenants are documented below for your own reference to further personal study.

Covenant with Noah

After the great flood, the Lord promised Noah that a flood would never again destroy the world and all life. A sign of this covenant is the rainbow (Read Genesis 9:8-17).

Covenant of Peace

The Lord’s covenant of peace will not be removed (Read Isaiah 54:10).

Covenant with David

The promises the Lord made with David through the prophet Nathan can be viewed in 2 Samuel 7.

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