The Lord is faithful to answer our prayers. Read stories and testimonials about the power of God to work in the life of the Believer. Feel free to also share your story with other believers, and be a source of blessing and encouragement in someone’s life today.

Book Testimonial: I believe this book is a very good teaching tool that every Pastor should use to equip the Saints. This book walks you through the steps from being saved to supernatural warfare from beginning to the end. So no matter where a Believer is in his or her walk with Christ, he or she can be a good soldier and get the job done. So I highly recommend it!

Yours in Christ

Apostle Bob Dutchman
Apostle Bob Dutchman Worldwide Pentecostal Church Association, Temple of God Book Testimonial

Throughout the years, numerous books have been published seeking to explain the delivering power of Christ and the victory of the Christian. The Reverend Lucy made an in-depth penetrating study of this fascinating subject. The descriptive ideas presented will provide substantial information regarding steps to deliverance, and the growth, development, and victory of the Christians through qualitative relationship with the Most High.

The Reverend Lucy is an anointed woman of God. She is a young woman of exquisite qualities of scholarship who demonstrates a unique method of presenting her message through writing.

Rev. Glen Johnson, Ph.D Missionary to The Phillipines Book Foreward

The kids are really happy for all the clothes, health supplies and toys that Plant The Seed Ministries have given.

Kids Orphanage
Marianne Manager at Orphange for Disabled Chidlren

Thank you so much for what you have done for us. We really appreciate it.

Children’s Fun Day
Member of Lion's Club International Review from Children's Event Plant The Seed Ministries are not affiliated with Lion’s Club International

I have worked with Plant the Seed on various projects over the last few years. I have observed the genuine desire to help and do all that is possible to positively change the lives of all people.

Elizabeth Consultant Review from Great Non-Profits

The work that Plant the Seed Ministries do is absolutely incredible. It has been amazing to observe how they impact those around them and make a true difference to the community. They really do showcase the love of Christ. Keep up the good work!

Stephanie Medical Student Review from Great Non-Profits

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