Our Founder

Apostle Lucy Joanna

Guidestar Award

Committed to Transparency


Awarded in 2017

Governor's Citation

Appreciation for Community work

Senior Pastor

Apostle Lucy Joanna is the founder of Plant The Seed Ministries. She is a graduate of Law from the University of London, and has two children who are both physicians. Her great journey began after accepting God’s calling, and forming Plant The Seed Ministries in 2001. Her ordination and consecration as an Apostle occurred in 2002. The next year, she published her first book. She has ministered at life-changing crusades in the United Kingdom, America, Africa and other nations. Apostle Lucy Joanna operates in the 5-fold ministry. She is gifted by God as an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher of the Word of God. In 2010, she was awarded the Mayor’s Award and Governor’s Citation in Maryland for her continued dedication to community outreach. Plant the Seed Ministries was Top-rated in 2017 by Great Non-Profits.


Our-founder Apostle Lucy Joanna