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Your Impact

A little seed can make a huge impact when it develops. This page outlines the difference your donation makes by planting the seed of hope. Plant the Seed Ministries are dedicated to changing lives in our community, and internationally. Thank you for your generosity in helping us make a difference and save lives.

Children’s Orphanage Plant The Seed Ministries supported the Orphanage to give quality care for 25 children who are parentless and abandoned. The Orphanage provides food, accommodation and transport to school for children in need. In the Bible, it states that pure religion includes taking care of Orphans (James 1:27).
764ABE8A-8DA9-4F80-B7C9-71FDE24E23C8 Families and children in need received 31 weeks of food parcels and medical aid. Plant The Seed Ministries aim to reduce the impact of the humanitarian crisis on children. Donors who contributed towards the “Syrian Children Crisis Relief” campaign made this mission possible.

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