• Prayer Points for Joy & Peace
    Prayer Points for Joy & Peace

    Prayer Points for Joy and Peace

  • Animated Video - The Perfect Gift
    The Perfect Gift

    Animated Mini Movie about Gifts

  • En.Courage Mini Movie

    Animated Mini Movie for Encouragement

  • Merry Christmas Mini Movie
    Merry Christmas

    Special Christmas Shareable Video

  • Hope Anchors Mini Movie
    Hope Anchors

    Mini Video to Share with Friends

  • Defeating Deception
    Defeating Deception

    Sermon Clip on Understanding Satan’s Voice

  • The Deception
    The Deception

    Sermon clip on Temptation

  • Pray about the Mind
    Pray about the Mind

    Prayer session focused on the Mind

  • Voice of God
    Knowing The Voice of God

    Sermon on Identifying the Voice of God

  • School Supply Drive
    School Supply Drive